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“I’m SO flippin’ excited about my new website! In comparison to my DIY version that’s morphed over the years…WOW, I had no idea how outdated I really was. My mouth nearly fell open when Amanda sent over her first intuitive design of what my website “should” and “could” look like. She nailed my personality, honed in on the most important aspects of my business, and created a site that is visually appealing for my visitors…on the 1st try…with zero input from me.

I requested a few tweaks and she had them done so quickly, that my mouth continued to drop open!!! It would have taken me days or weeks or months to figure out how to do what she did, if EVER. Obviously, Amanda knows what’s she’s doing and doesn’t waste any time chit-chatting, just doing it. When I revealed my new website to my husband, he said “Dammmnnn, that’ll give you a boost!”

When we took my site LIVE, I made money within HOURS. As an entrepreneur, I love money “magically” showing up in my email. And, trust me, although I’ve got the goods, the earnings were because of the new professionally designed site. I am now sooo motivated about using every strategy I can to drive more traffic to my site. Thank you SO much, Amanda!”

– Melody Granger

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