Every company is a tech company these days – right? Sure, but the fact that business relies on technology shouldn’t be focused on at the expense of other things. It’s easy to introduce tech and say how wonderful it is but the reality is that tech or not, you need to be thinking about how you communicate. 

When you think about it, what is more important – having the latest tech or telling your customers about your services and products? Of course, the answer is talking to your customers! If you can’t tell your customers about the amazing tech you have, how are you going to persuade them that you are the best company?

No Connection, No Customers

Ultimately, communication is the business owner’s weapon of choice. This is why it is so important that you have the right tech – not because it’s space gray and looks awesome – but because tech can help you achieve your goals. For example, VoIP Services will connect you and your customers, making it easier to satisfy their queries and impress them with your capabilities. On the other hand, missed messages are missed opportunities. 

What you say is really important because your first impression counts for a lot. Winning your customer’s trust is an essential step towards good business and providing them with honest information – whether it’s on the phone or through your website – will help to build a rapport. The more ways a customer has to get in touch with your business, the more likely they are to do so. 

Don’t forget about your passive communications, though. Your website should be full of useful content and easy to navigate. Similarly, you should have a marketing strategy to put the right messages across and gain new customers. The more visible your business is, the more likely someone is to want to get in touch. Make the most of all your channels! 

Great Communication, Enthusiastic Customers

So what does great business communication look like? Well, as much as you want to sell your business capabilities and show off, it’s really important that you are honest about what you do and how you conduct business. If you want a good starting point, the 7C’s will certainly help: clear, complete, concise, concrete, considerate, correct and courteous.

Remember that the best communication builds trust between you and your customers so you need to be open with them. This doesn’t mean that you need to expose all your flaws, but try to avoid hyperbole and stick to the facts. Instead, you need to tailor your content and communication to your specific target audience. 

Great communication should always be focused on a particular target audience and designed to be readable for them. So, while a teen fashion magazine might use one tone of voice, a high-end law firm would almost definitely expect something different! The tone of voice is essential for adding character and personality to your brand so think carefully before you decide. Once you have a tone of voice, stick to it! 

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