Everyone is in debt or has been in debt at one time or another in their life.

Maybe you are right now.

I know I am. I paid off that huge chunk I accrued a few years ago, let business get lax and got back in a little bit. No where near what I was – but still more than I want to be.

Man, I hate saying that. I wanted it to be a once-in-a-lifetime mistake, but it wasn’t. And as much as that sucks, all I can do is pay it off again.

If I did it once, I can sure as hell do it again. And maybe this time I’ll actually learn how to avoid it.

So, anyway, how did I do it last time? What is my debt-busting secret?

There isn’t one.

I’m sorry. I know you were hoping for more. But I know that your reasons for being in debt are not my reasons for being in debt. We didn’t arrive in this place by the same means, so I don’t know what the magic bullet is going to be for you.

Honestly, there never was, nor will probably ever be one for me either.

Because the circumstances that led to my giant debt are vastly different from the circumstances that got me where I’m at right now. And what needed to be fixed in me then is not what needs to be fixed in me now.

You may be in debt because you took loans to pay for college. Or maybe it’s because you are young and you wanted to have all the stuff that people who are a bit older than you have….keeping up with the Joneses so to speak. Or maybe it’s just because you, like me, were feeling empty and you were trying to fill up.

You need to figure out how you got where you are, address that issue….

And for goodness sake, pay off the debt.

For me, the best way to get out of debt was to stop spending time in the places that made me want to buy stuff. No eBay. No amazon. No etsy.

I would only go to the store to get groceries. No random trips just to be out of the house. If I needed time out, I would take the kids to the park.

I started a business to pay the bills.

I clipped coupons (I hate clipping coupons).

At one point we even discussed bankruptcy, and maybe for you that’s an option. For us, it was not. I dug the hole, and I was going to get myself out.

My point here is – you can do this. I did it once. I’m going to do it again. And you can do it too.