A lot of people don’t know what their next steps should be when it comes to furthering their careers. Some are stuck working a job they genuinely despise, while others are just graduating and don’t know where to start. Taking a new step toward a career that you’ve had in mind is one thing, but furthering the one that you have been working on for years? That’s not the easiest thing to do if you don’t know how to go about doing it differently. Careers aren’t linear for a lot of people. Some have to go backward before they can go forward, and that’s okay! You need to do whatever works for your lifestyle, budget, and the future that you envision for yourself. The last thing that you want to do is to do it wrong and end up in a place you didn’t want to be at all!

There are plenty of reasons to go ahead and do something different with your career, from the increase in job satisfaction that you can get from the new challenges to the pay rise. The career of choice that you are doing right now may be a good thing for you, but what if you could have more? Let’s look at nine ways that you can further your current career and do more for yourself.

Ask For More

At your current job, you need to start asking for more responsibility. If you’re enjoying your time with your colleagues but not the job, it’s not your employer that needs an adjustment – it’s the job itself. Have a chat with your current boss and ask them for a little bit more responsibility. Those extra tasks that you take on can help you to show your team that you are committed to doing better for yourself. This can put you in line for a pay rise or promotion if the chance is going to arise. You’ve got to put in what you want to get back to further yourself.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Get

You want a promotion where you are, right? Why not ask for one? If you have been in your current job for some time, why not think about talking to your manager about your future in the company? The determination and tenacity that it shows to spell out what you want from your future with them are going to get you noticed. You may get told no this time, but the fact that you asked is still going to stick out firmly in their minds!

Go Back To School

Whether you take a work sabbatical to attend the University of Southern California or another degree, or you do an online course to further your skills, getting educated can really help you to advance your career. The more skills that you have, the better off you will be. It shows a commitment if you go out and get the skills that you need to do better, and it proves to yourself that you are willing to do what it takes to be a better person. Go online and figure out which courses are best for your role, then identify where you can study those courses. It’s a good idea to learn something new if it’s going to make a difference to your job prospects.

Go It Alone

If you feel you’ve hit the ceiling where you are, and you’ve identified a niche in the market that you can break into, you should go it alone. Starting your own business is not a bad idea if you are hoping to take another step into your career. Never leave your job right away, but always go and see whether there is something you can make out of a side hustle. If it grows from there, then you can leave your job later and work for yourself.


We’ve mentioned going back to school to learn some skills, but what about completing a masters degree. Adding on to what you already know can give you an edge if you chose to move on and join a new company.

Get Networking

Sometimes, it’s not what you know, but whom. If you attend networking events, you’re far more likely to meet new people that will help you to step forward in your career. The better your relationships, the more you are likely to be recommended further for work.

Get A New Job

For some, reaching a ceiling in their current job is the push that they need to do better and move onto a new place that can help their potential. Where you can, aim for positions that are above what you’re doing now so that you actually get that step up you want. You may not have precisely the experience that they want just yet, but if you’re tenacious and willing to go the extra mile, you could get your foot in the door for an interview at the least.

Join LinkedIn

One of the best social media platforms that you could join if you are seriously considering where your career is going is LinkedIn. For those who haven’t signed up to it before, it’s important to note that your profile is your online and public resume to the world. Employers and companies in your network can see your past work history and a little about your education and who you are and use it to assess whether you are a good fit for their company.


One of the attributes that recruiters look for is a willingness to learn and volunteering offers that perfect opportunity. Volunteering can show people that you are a hard worker who is willing to put things like salary to one side to take on a chance to learn.

If you are considering furthering your career and doing something more with your working future, then the tips above should help you to make the first step and go forward.