I get it. I’ve been there. Your friends are going places and you want to go too – but you just don’t have the cash.

Or you really, really want to buy a shirt you saw at the mall – but, again – your cash flow is not exactly flowing.

Cutting back sucks. There are no two ways to say it. Actually, there are several ways to say it – but they all boil down to the same thing.

If you are tight on money, you have to say no to some things.

Sometimes you want to shop at Whole Foods, but you’ve only got enough cash to shop at Wal-mart.

It’s okay.

And even worse are the times when you have to start cutting out the things you’ve become accustomed to having.

Like getting rid of your cable or satellite. Or cutting your cell bill back to the minimum.

All of these things suck. They are not fun. No one wants to be in a position that they have to do these things.

But, do you know what is worse? Paying for things you can’t afford with a credit card.

Because you get the thing right now, but you pay more money in the long run and have to deal with the pain longer.

If you just cut back when you need to – you may find out that you didn’t need cable all that much anyway, and you end up spending less money permanently.

And back to the friends thing – if you are tight, and they are good friends, just tell them that. They will understand, they will stop pressuring you to do whatever is they wanted to do – and maybe they’ll even decide to do something else, because they’d much rather do a thing with you than without you.