I’m sure you’ve read stories on Facebook of people who were on their deathbeds. They always say things like they don’t complain about having more time to work, or make more money – they always wish they’d spent more time with the people they love.

Which puts some of us in a bit of a conundrum, doesn’t it?

I mean, I’ve got bills to pay. Because I made not-so-great choices with my money. So I have to work. I have to make money so I can pay those bills.

But I also don’t want to waste my life doing that.

And that’s exactly where I am right now. Working every waking moment, yet trying to spend precious time with the kids and husband and friends that God gave me.

I guess the best solution would have been not to get into debt in the first place, right? And really, after paying off that giant beast I took care of a few years ago, I didn’t think it would be something I’d have to face again.

And while it’s not even close to comparable – it’s something I wish I hadn’t gotten into again. I feel like it’s stealing from me.

This time it happened because business slumped. And I had monthly bills that had to be paid, with no way to pay them. But it’s always going to be something, isn’t it?

And my lack of budgeting and financial planning has once again gotten me into trouble. But rather than sticking my head in the sand, like I usually do, I should probably get it together and start acting like an adult when it comes to money.

I should pay attention to my budget. And maybe actually keep it updated. And really, I should beĀ saving for a rainy day, because chances are, business will slow down again (because that’s part of the entrepreneurial gig), and it would be great to have an option that doesn’t include credit cards.

If there is anything I can suggest to you, it’s that you should probably start acting like a grown up with this stuff too. And don’t get all mad at me, I’m not being judge-y. We are in the same boat here.

If we make better choices with the money and time we have, we don’t end up in hard situations where we have to choose between work and our people.