It’s good that you don’t know where to start – because if you are making font choices like the ones in this picture, you should not be making your own website.

And not just because that’s how people like me make a living. There is a much bigger reason.

I know there is a big ole group of people who run their businesses either partially or fully on the internet, who have put up their own websites because they have grandiose ideas of “doing it all themselves” and pulling themselves up by their bootstraps and whatnot.

I totally get that. Because sometimes, at the beginning you don’t have a lot of cash to work with, and if you can do the website portion on your own, you’ll probably save a lot of money.

But you are starting down a road that’s going to cause you a lot of headaches.

Because unless you ARE a web designer/developer, this is not your area of expertise.

Let’s just say for the sake of what I’m saying that you are not a web designer. You are a coach, or a fitness person, or an artist. That is where your talents lie. You should not be wasting your time working on your website.

And while you may have a great sense of style, and a killer eye for design – chances are, you have no idea what goes into making a good website.

Perfect example…

Two weekends ago, my husband and I took our kids to Niagara Falls. It was partially to see the frozen falls, and partially because our kids have been hassling us to turn them into international travelers. Canada is fairly close – so we decided that was a better option than Mexico.

While there, we ventured out from the touristy stuff and found the most amazing french bistro. I cannot even describe this place to you. It was a tiny piece of authentic France on Queen Street.

The food was insane. The decor was amazing. The service was impeccable.

But the website – yikes.

I didn’t look at the website till I got home, but it’s definitely a do-it-yourself-er. And I don’t want to offend the people who made it, but it does not in any way fit this bistro. The most amazing french bistro in that part of Canada deserves the most amazing website ever.

If I didn’t think it would offend them, I’d offer to do it for free. (Seriously, if you see this, and you know who you are, I will. It’s the least I could do for the crepes my kids ate at your place).

So the point here is this – if you have to choose between paying a real designer to do your website and a big fancy marketing class…do the website. If you have to choose between paying for a designer or a coach for your business – do the website first. I promise. A good designer is worth their weight in gold, and they’ll know the basics of marketing anyway.

If you start this thing out with a crap website, you hurt no one but yourself and your business.

Good design is an investment worth making.