Are your productivity levels lower than you hoped? If so, then you might be struggling to reach your goals or targets with your business. It’s worth keeping in mind that there are lots of reasons why your productivity standards might take a hit. Let’s explore some of the common issues and learn how to fix them, improving your business. 


First, you should think about the business environment. There are various aspects of the environment your team is working in which can impact productivity. One example to be aware of would be the air quality. Poor air quality can cause lower levels of attention overall. As such, you might want to think about exploring air quality services that can check whether your air quality is at the right level overall. If there is a problem, then they can also help ensure that you are making the necessary improvements. 


Alternatively, you could find that tech is the problem. Technology is a concern because virtually every business relies on having access to the right tech these days. If you don’t use the best technology, then you have probably already fallen behind the competition. To deal with this, we recommend that you do think about upgrading your tech regularly. Faster tech will save you precious minutes each and every day. This might not seem like it’s going to have a huge impact on your business model. But it will because those minutes are always going to add up. 


Another point to consider is stress. If team members are stressed, then they are never going to work at the right standards of productivity. Don’t forget, as a business owner, you also have a duty of care to your employees. This does include protecting their mental health as well as their physical wellbeing. If you are worried about issues with stress causing problems for your employees, make sure that you run regular temperature checks. This will guarantee that you know if there is a problem like stress that one of your team members is experiencing. You can then work to correct the issue and provide them with the support that they need. 


Finally, it’s possible that there’s a problem with RSI in your business. Research shows that RSI is now the most common injury that people experience in offices around the world. Repetitive strain injury is caused by typing for long periods, often with the wrong posture. So, how can you fix this? Well, we suggest that you think about ensuring that your team members are taking regular breaks. As well as this, you should also think about investing in the right furniture. Ergonomic furniture has been proven to be a great way to eliminate concerns with RSI that could be plaguing a company. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the common productivity killers that you can have when you’re running a business and the right ways to handle them. If you take the key steps here, you can make sure that your business is firing on all cylinders.