The weather is cold and the nights are long because of winter. We won’t use our garden much in this weather. We put away our grills and sun loungers for another year as the World gets ready for the next season. I think these four months are the best of the year.

But gardeners and people who like to be outside may well not agree, since it’s too cold to stay out in a garden with blooming flowers, whirring bees, and a rainbow of colors until Spring.

But it’s still important to take care of your garden, even if you won’t be using it as much. You wouldn’t want it to be absolutely useless in the spring of next year because you didn’t prepare for winter.

Here are some easy ways to look after your garden this winter: 

Tidy Up And Keep It Clear 

Because I love decluttering so much, I sometimes feel like a broken record when I talk about it, but dammit, clean up your garden! Most likely, it’s because you haven’t taken care of some parts of your home. This means cleaning out the shed, washing your greenhouse if you own one, and getting rid of just about everything old or broken. Set up Brush Recycling if you need to get rid of any trimmings.

Protect Your Lawn 

It’s probably clear by now that you or your gardener haven’t looked at your lawn for a while.  The best time to put down artificial grass is in the fall or winter when the ground isn’t as hard. This might be a good way to clean up your lawn in the fall and winter.

Protect Your Plants And Bushes 

Frost can hurt trees and bushes that were planted in pots during the year when it’s the middle of winter. Even though it doesn’t look good, wrapping these pots in plastic wrap can be a very beneficial thing to prevent this from occurring over the Winter. 

Protect Your Furniture 

When it’s freezing outside, you presumably won’t use your garden furniture very often. So, when it gets colder, cover or put it away You won’t be using it until spring so doing this will make sure you are protecting it until spring. Otherwise, you may end up having to buy new furniture when the weather improves. 

Look After The Animals 

Winter can be hard for animals, so they need all the help we can give them. Make sure there is food for the birds and water in the bird baths. Don’t forget to break the ice if they freeze over. Before you start a bonfire, make sure that there aren’t any animals hiding nearby. You may also want to look at your pond construction and ensure that if it gets frozen over, you create a hole to allow the fish to breathe. 

Decorate With Christmas Lights 

And finally, you can’t decorate your garden for Christmas without putting up some lovely fairy lights to make it look as spectacular as possible. You can buy some great LED lights, that are better for the environment and use less energy. You can use them outside as well.