The following is borrowed from The question asked is “Just How important is Calibration?” and it’s in regards to a purchased balance (scale).

Here’s the reply:

The answer is simple: if you use your balance at all, regular calibration is critical.

Gravity is not the same everywhere on Earth, as our planet is not a perfect orb. Every place in the world is positioned differently to “magnetic north.” This results in slight gravitational differences, depending on a particular location’s altitude compared to sea level. If the balance is moved to a place where the gravitational pull is greater or less, it will display a different value, as the force will vary.

So, I totally get that this is talking about scientific equipment. But it could easily be talking me about me too.

For the last couple of years, my balance has been off kilter. I’ve been not only aimless, but also purposeless. I have no goals. I have no path I’m following. I have no direction.

In my aimless wandering, I’ve drifted through, barely cobbling together enough money to pay the bills – and sometimes not even enough for those either.

As in the answer above – it’s not so much that my position on Earth has changed – but more that my reason for what I’m doing has, and what was “north” for me before, isn’t anymore. And it’s throwing everything off.

I realize, rather clearly, that this situation cannot continue.

As such, I’m re-calibrating.

And let me tell you what, it’s painful. Scratch that. It’s tortuous.

My current worry though is paying bills, and debts that I’ve incurred in my quest to pay said bills. If I’m square in the midst of ripping apart my whole life, how do I make sure those bills get paid? How do I change things without just saying “Screw it all”?

Well, for me, that looks like cutting way back on the number of websites I’m doing. Taking on fewer clients. (I know – it sounds counter-intuitive).

And while it feels like a step backward (because the pay is less than I am used to), I’m going to start substitute teaching a few days a week.

I hate saying that at the moment, I’m not hacking it as an entrepreneur – but it’s the truth.

It’s painful. And it’s embarrassing and it just kind of sucks. But it is what it is.

Sometimes you move forward at record-breaking speed (been there, done that); and sometimes you crawl, sliding backwards in the mud despite all your efforts. When you are in the crawling, mud-sliding part, it’s really easy to fool yourself into thinking it’s temporary – that you just hit a slump. Hell, you were just at the top of the mountain – it can’t be that hard to get back up there.

Until you realize it’s worse than that, and you have to do something practical to get yourself back to standing because crawling is really hurting your knees.

So, here I am. Moving forward with most of my online endeavors – but doing some actual, I-have-to-leave-the-house-and-get-there-on-time work too. In an ideal world, it won’t last forever – but it’s where I’m at for now.


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