Decorating our homes and gardens can be a pleasant experience because we spend a lot of our time there and we would like to be able to relax in them of course. Many people spend a lot of time searching for the perfect items for their homes and offices. Usually, people can be found in department stores and furnishing outlets as well as garden centres looking for inspiration. However, there are groups of people who are proud to upcycle many items to make and create beautiful interior design. From unusual colour schemes to your whole decor being based on an era you love. So, what sorts of things are we able to collect and upcycle? And does it make an impact on the environment?


Upcycling is, of course, a great way to reduce emissions, and help improve the planet. There are many ideas to help the planet being shared around at the moment, and we should, of course, embrace these ideas, and do our very best. Upcycling can also prevent a massive amount of items going to the tip, and away from landfill, this, in turn, saves a lot of energy and waste in one go. Also, many people will purchase an upcycled item, and not have any problems sending over money for you to part with these eco-friendly interior design items. There is a huge market for vintage items right now, so standing out from the crowd is a must.

Beautiful designs

Just because an item has seen better days, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are going to be thrown away. Nothing is stopping you from picking up your old vintage dress given to you as a gift and resewing any of the parts that are missing. It can actually be a very relaxing experience, and at the end of it, you will receive a beautiful item. When it comes to upcycling furniture, the world is your oyster. Picking up a small piece of furniture that has seen better days, and turning it into a beautifully designed piece of office furniture, is always a hit, and a great sense of achievement will be felt when you come up with a new design from scratch. Many people also collect simple jars to turn them into tealight holders. Or pick up an old desk on Facebook marketplace if they fancy a challenge!


Upcycling furniture can become quite an enjoyable hobby. It’s important to remember to do things that we enjoy, and if you find sanding down and painting up a cupboard or sideboard is your thing, then keep it up! In your spare hours at evenings and weekends, there could be many worse things you could be doing than updating old furniture for your beautiful home or office. Many people find over time, their friends and family would like to get involved when they realise how much success you’re having. Mindfulness is a key mental health tool right now and what better way than finding a hobby such as upcycling to add to your mindfulness tool kit? 


Handmade gifts are often appreciated by friends, family, customers and clients alike.

These little gifts will always mean more to the recipient since they have been made with time and care. By making your own gifts, you can always extend this out into the public too. If you find that you create items quite quickly and that friends and family have said that they would like to purchase this thing again in the future, it can even turn into a lucrative business, this how many successful businesses start out. Many people start out making jewellery for friends as gifts, and eventually fall into naturally selling them to others. It’s a common story and a lovely start to any business!

Taking care of our environment is high on the priority list for most people. And there will be specific laws to follow before long concerning that. We will all have to fall into line soon, as we are all part of the problem. With technology advancing at speed, it is currently it won’t be long before, people find themselves struggling to keep up. 

If you haven’t already done so then, a great idea is to get some magazines and start a mood board of your home. This will give you inspiration and ideas on how you can add upcycling to your life. Start looking around sites such as eBay and gumtree and see what you can find to work on.