All businesses go through changes – growth, mergers, acquisitions, a general overhaul…no matter what your reason is or rebranding, you don’t have to worry about it being a stressful and daunting task. There are easy ways to unveil your rebranding that don’t require lots of money or labor. Rebranding doesn’t have to be a horrible time – whether you’re in M&A solutions, unveiling a new business model/plan, or just want to dust the cobwebs off your tried and true business, with a few simple steps, rebranding can be a snap. It’s all a matter of weighing out risks and going about rebranding in the right way.


When rebranding, it helps to get input from colleagues, employees and customers/clients of the business. This doesn’t mean you have to put all your plans out there and ask everyone for their opinion – you can get valuable input while still playing your cards relatively close to your chest. It could be as simple as putting a survey on your website, asking a few random questions on twitter or even looking at your data and analytics for trends that give you ideas. Paying attention to the public’s opinion can definitely be an asset to your rebranding efforts. 

Do your Research

Before beginning a rebrand effort, take the time to research how other similar brands have fared, look into the risks involved, and make a calculated and educated decision about your rebranding. Most companies choose to rebrand for a reason – sales are dwindling (or growing rapidly), they’ve acquired or merged with a new company, their business model has changed…it pays to look at the results other companies have had with similar efforts and utilize the plans that were successful for them. You may also want to talk with a consultant to fine tune your ideas. 

Hire the Best

With any rebrand comes an overhaul of logos, designs, websites, and more. Sure, you’ll do some of the work yourself, but consider hiring a professional at the top of their field to help you with those design elements that will, as a whole, define your business. The visuals associated with your business will define your brand at a glance, so you need them to be perfect. You want your new brand to look as polished and professional as it possibly can. It’s worth the money you’ll invest to achieve this. Everything from your excellent new logo to your website needs to be top notch, fitting with your brand, accessible and gorgeous. 


Any good rebranding effort is promoted and teased to clients and customers. You want to draw attention to your rebranding, make it an event; something for everyone to look forward to and get excited about. You can implement things like giveaways, incentives and discounts, special events, and more, to coincide with your rebranding, turning it into an engaged activity that will benefit your business and raise awareness to the rebrand. 

These are four things you should definitely do when you’re rebranding your business. If you implement these tools, your rebranding efforts should go off without a hitch!