Who, would you say, are your main adversaries in business? Your competition? Staff who do all they can to put forth the minimal amount of effort, or do not abide by your security practices? Perhaps those who are working hard to innovate a product that will make your entire product line obsolete? Sure, none of these elements are particularly conducive to your success.

But we cannot control the competition, and poorly-behaving staff gaming the system often shows that our systems are not tight enough. Instead, it’s best to point the fingers at ourselves. If there’s anything that will help our business grow, it’s going to be us. If there’s anyone that will place unnecessary obstacles in our way, for the most part it’s us as well. This means that from time to time, taking a thorough inspection of your services and developing a more cohesive sense of who you are as a firm can be helped to no end, if only you’ll look and not be afraid to find things you may not wish to see.

Here’s what this process may look like:

Logging On & Setting Up

It’s important to consider the process you follow when allowing staff to utilize your IT systems, such as setting up their profile. Do you have to make an account as an administrator for them and then have to verify any change in information, or do you allow for your staff to update their information themselves? How about the changes of passwords, or logging onto their terminal each day? Additionally, do you give them the freedom to upload company headshots as their profile picture to ensure that every department is sure of just who they are communicating with? It’s these tiny little addons that can make a real difference and save you minutes each day, which may add up to hours of saved labor time each year.

Maintenance & Management

When it comes to shepherding your IT systems to address issues and keep on top of complaints, it is very easy to only have perhaps one or two dedicated staff on hand who know how to function and develop this in the best manner. For small firms, even this is not feasible. The best IT solution here to to opt for managed services, those that provide gold standard customer care while also being familiar enough with their own systems to be both the authority and the cure. It’s measures like this that can often cause anyone out to be more comprehensively accepting of updating their systems, as they know it will never cause unnecessary business downtime.

Reporting Systems

If an issue rears its head, odds are you wish to know about it. This can help you push forward in the right context, developing a more cohesive understanding regarding what the issue is and how to solve it. It can also allow you to categorize issues by priority, and try to figure out what damaging effect this can have. If it takes hours for a problem to be reported up the chain of command, that’s an issue. For this reason, a solid error reporting communication protocol needs to be in place within your firm.

With these tips, you are certain to reduce the unnecessary obstacles regarding your business workflow.