Beginning your journey on the road to entrepreneurship is no easy feat. You will have a great deal to consider from your financing and startup costs to your marketing and staffing needs. One thing that is probably very low on your list of priorities is your workplace decor and furnishings. Something so seemingly cosmetic may seem like a luxury, but making your workplace a more dynamic, inviting and engaging place can inspire your staff team leading to greater levels of productivity. You don’t need to be an interior designer to make your office space have a positive vibe.

Being in tune with your surroundings at home can make you feel happy and positive. The same goes for your workplace. Your employees will be at their place of work for forty hours a week. This is why it is up to you to facilitate an environment that boosts your staff team’s morale and helps them to enjoy coming into work every day. Take a look at how you can revolutionize your workplace for startup success.

Think TEAM

As a startup, you like to think of yourself as young, modern, and forward thinking. Your place of work needs to match these lofty aspirations. Get rid of the lines of individual booths full of desktops that are hugely uninspiring, and swap them for more collaborative pods. These are fantastic for staff meetings and are an intuitive way of keeping your office open plan. With a more informal atmosphere, you can harness those water cooler moments and enjoy hearing a positive buzz amongst the four walls of your office.

There’s nothing worse for a boss than heading into work every morning only to witness a sea of yawning and grumpy faces. You need to do everything in your power to promote smiles and a happy buy in to your business vision. The easiest way to do this is to give your workforce an environment that they are happy to be in.


While you won’t be heading to showrooms or picking up the most expensive pieces of furniture for your office, you will still want an environment that is light, bright and airy. Look into comfier sofas, ergonomically well designed office chairs and decent desks with plenty of storage. Consider your employees at every stage of your office furniture purchases. Whip up some local art work on the freshly painted white walls and swap the strip lighting for some more modern LED spotlights. Having a more modern decor goes a long way to show off the vision for your company.

If you work in the creative field and you are inviting clients in for meetings, they will be judging the ambiance of your office. Make sure you add splashes of greenery. Make sure waiting areas are comfy and less like dentist waiting rooms, and make sure that there’s a free coffee machine (for clients and staff) in the foyer. Your clients will expect it, and your staff will appreciate it. Giving your staff a lovely office space for them to enjoy five days a week will boost their moral and enhance productivity.


If you find yourself needing to hire new personnel, you need to make sure that you have an environment that they want to work in. You will be competing against blue chip corporations and their lucrative salaries for the best candidates. You need to show off your dynamism and family style atmosphere. When they attend for interview, show off those collaborative pods, show people working together on projects and help them see that the best places of work really do come in smaller startup like packages.

Forget doing the whole recruitment drive yourself and instead use an applicant portal. You can find out more about this and the screening processes you might want candidates to undertake by heading online. There are plenty of providers of recruitment services from traditional agencies to more forward thinking and modern outsourced applications.

Having a cohesive staff team is vital for your business to succeed. The easiest way to maximize the chances of creating that team is to go for personnel that gel with your already established personalities. Show off your environment and allow your potential new employees to fawn over your staff room rather than welcoming them to a sea of beige carpet tiles.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy but it is professionally fulfilling. If you’re eager to take the plunge and become a master of your own financial destiny, ensure that you revolutionize your workplace for startup success.