Website Maintenance

The worst thing is going to log in to add a new blog post and your site is broken or hacked. What the heck do you even do?

Your best bet is prevention.

The #1 breaker of websites and creator of easy access for hackers is plugins and themes that need updated.

So all you have to do is update regularly, right?

Nope. Because sometimes those updates break your site too.

Better just let someone handle it that knows what to do if that happens. 😉

Just click the button below and add yourself to my list of select clients who get monthly, personal attention to their websites.

(You can cancel any time.)

Site Audit

You may have a sneaking suspicion that your website isn’t doing it’s job.

Not that it’s not operating – it’s just not bringing your dream clients to your doorstep.

That’s a real problem. And you should probably do something about it.

I’m offering a full site audit of your website to handle this issue.

I make you a video outline of me going through your website, highlighting the parts that aren’t working (and congratulating on the parts that are).

All from a user experience (UX) perspective.

At the end, you will have actionable items that you can either take to your website manager and have them handle it, or you can handle it – or you can hire me too.