Going green provides a raft of benefits for business owners. As well as enhancing brand image through making a concerted effort to protect the planet, embracing eco-friendly ways of working can also save companies money and reduce their carbon footprint. If you are keen to go green, here are some simple ways to make a difference.

Set up a recycling scheme

Every year, millions of recyclable, reusable products and materials end up in landfill sites. Setting up a recycling initiative is a brilliant way to reduce waste, save money and make use of products that still have plenty of life left in them. If you don’t already have a company policy to encourage your employees to recycle or repurpose items, it’s a great idea to place containers around your business premises and use emails and posters to alert staff to the presence of recycling bins and provide instructions for use. If your company handles, uses or sells materials or supplies that are not commonly recycled, it may be possible to team up with a recycling or waste removal firm that offers specialist recycling services. 

Collect rainwater

Many businesses pay a substantial amount of money to use water that comes from the tap when they could make use of the raindrops that fall from the skies during showers or heavy downpours. If you don’t already have rainwater tanks on-site, you could save money in the long term by using them to collect and reuse rainwater. You can use the water you store in tanks to wash company vehicles, clean external patios and driveways or water plants and lawns, for example. 

Reduce travel

Many companies have scaled back travel plans for employees during the pandemic due to widespread restrictions. Going forward, it’s beneficial for employers to consider whether to replace face-to-face meetings and conferences and events that require travel with virtual alternatives. Investing in modern technology is an effective way to lower carbon emissions and it could also save your business a substantial amount of money. 

Lower energy consumption

Most of us use more energy than we need in our homes, and this is a trend that is reflected within the world of business. If you run an office, a store, a chain of restaurants or industrial premises, aim to lower energy consumption. Monitor daily consumption, replace old appliances or systems with smart versions that use less energy, switch to energy-efficient heating systems and lighting and try to encourage employees to adopt positive habits. Examples include turning the lights off when you leave the room and switching appliances off at the socket instead of leaving them on standby. 

Going green offers a wealth of benefits for companies looking to save money, enhance their brand image and make a positive contribution to protecting the environment. If you own a company and you want to embrace eco-friendly ways of working, you don’t have to make drastic changes. Simple things can make a huge difference. Recycle, reuse and repurpose, collect rainwater, reduce travel and lower energy consumption.