When you start up an at-home business for the first time, the feeling of mailing your products to customers can be a little strange. Most of us aren’t really sure how to do it, so we just mail the products as if we’re mailing a letter or package to a friend or family member. That’s perfectly fine for the most part, but there are a couple of ways to improve the way you ship your products. This is a great way to make your business stand out and can even help you save money in the future.

Have a routine when shipping products and identify what you could speed up

The first few products you ship might take a long time because you’re not used to the process. For instance, you might take a long time to package everything and you might occasionally forget something like an invoice. It’s important to look back at your shipping process and find ways to speed things up so that you’re less likely to make mistakes in the future, but also so you can send more products in a single day for when you grow your business and get more customers.

Add a few bonus items to make your business stand out

A great way to put a smile on your customer’s face is to add a little something extra in the package that you send. This doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. It could just be a few stickers or a little keychain of your brand, especially if it’s their first order.

Get custom packaging boxes that are the perfect size for your products

It’s important to use custom packaging boxes if you want to stand out. These can be branded with your logo or business so that your customers instantly know that it’s from you. It can look professional and is often worth the additional cost. You could just get plain boxes and then put a sticker or your logo on it as well. You could also get custom packaging sizes for your products, especially if it makes things a bit easier to package together and reduces the amount of wasted space in your boxes.

Stick to your shipping promises so that you don’t disappoint

If you’re going to commit to some kind of shipping promise then make sure you don’t disappoint your customers. Stick to the times you say you’ll ship and make sure you always include any bonuses or extras that you say you will. If you can’t for whatever reason then make sure your customers are aware and that you give them something else to compensate.

Include a simple thank-you note for your customers

Lastly, a simple thank-you note in the package can be a little gesture that makes your customers happy to support you. It seems insignificant, but it can certainly convince some customers to buy from you in the future and continue supporting your brand instead of choosing a competitor.