As a business owner, communication is essential! You need to make sure that you are communicating well with your customers, your clients, and – most importantly – your employees. Keeping an open dialogue with your employees is so essential if you want to maintain a motivated and inspired employee pool. You need to keep talking to them and making them feel like they are a part of the decision-making process for your business.

While we could suggest that you arm each meeting room with walkie-talkies from Two-Way City, communication with your staff has to go beyond that. Instead of the walkie-talkie, think about the following ways you can better communicate with the people who work for you.

  • Ask How They Are

It’s so simple, but asking your staff how they are and checking in with them regularly can make a big difference in the way that your team feels about your business. Meet with your people individually and in groups, and when they make complaints or raise concerns, hear them, and action what you can. It commands trust and respect when you care enough to ask.

  • Make It Easy

If your staff wants to know about company policies or how to book time off, give them access to the right information. It’s so important that they are able to access internal documents to help them with their queries. Make your company information easy for your staff to access.

  • Set An Example

When you see people in your company, say hello. Be the example who starts the line of communication with them, and they’ll start doing the same. It’s important to show your people what you want from them, and then they will follow. Communication is more than just one-sided, so start the conversation!

  • Ever Heard Of Anon Box?

You may have seen it on social media, but an anon box is a space where people can let out their feelings without any ramifications on their careers. It’s not always positive, as generally people only hold in their negative emotions. However, it’s an excellent way to address any workplace issues and make them better.

  • Take Staff Out

Sometimes, the business of business is boring. You need to keep the staff feeling connected and ready to talk to you, and the best way to do that is by taking them out. Give staff your time, and make your quarterly dinner as a team a monthly thing. Being together outside the office can make a big difference. Hey, you may even need those walkie-talkies if you decide to go camping!

  • A Company Newsletter

Sometimes, the news is always best received in small bites. A company newsletter can offer you the chance to keep up the dialogue between you and your team. It’s so important to ensure that you keep up with their activity as well as let them know the big news in the business. 

These communication methods are all going to help you to run a secure, happy company with happy employees!