If you’re a business owner, then your biggest concern will be that your company is developing in all the right areas, and that you continue to be profitable. However, it’s not as if that should be your only concern. A business that focuses exclusively on the bottom line will be considered pretty cold, and it’d be no surprise if employee turnover was high. Indeed, one of the best ways to develop your business is to give employee happiness a nudge in the right direction. This will bring plenty of benefits, including improving productivity! And it’s not as if improving employee happiness is all that difficult. We take a look at a few simple things you can do below.


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A Relaxed Atmosphere

Your worksite is a place of business, sure, so things should be serious. But it’s not as if it needs to have a “machine-like” atmosphere. Workers don’t work better when they’re in an office that’s grim, and where people are afraid to talk. All that does is ensure that they’ll look for another job as soon as possible. So look at ways to lighten the mood somewhat. Adding more light, plants, and colorful additions to your office can all improve things considerably. You may also want to consider adding a “relaxing zone” in your office — studies have shown that they can make a big difference to staff wellbeing.

Team Spirit

You’re not managing a group of individuals; you’re managing a team. Or at least you should be. If no-one knows each other, then there won’t be much in terms of team spirit. This is one of those things that’s well worth cultivating, however. Studies have shown that people always feel much better about their work when they view their coworkers as friends. You can’t expect this to just happen on its own, though: people won’t become friends if they’re only talking about professional matters at the office. So look at providing a time and space for your employees to get to know one another. Could you end the workday an hour early on a Friday and have after work drinks, for example?

Feeling Valued

The salary that you’re paying your employees should only be the beginning point when it comes to making your staff feel valued. They’ll feel much better about working for your company if you’re giving them bonuses and other rewards from time to time. At the very least, you should get them a Christmas present to thank them for all their hard work. There are bulk christmas gifts for employees found here, so take a look at what’s available, and make a purchase. It’ll be much appreciated by your staff.

An Understanding Boss

Finally, your employees will be much happier if they know that they have an understanding and kind boss, rather than one that just treats them as if they were a robot. Work on improving your communication, and have an open-door policy, so that your team can always come to you if they have a problem.

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