Some people have nightmares about showing up to school naked. Others about falling from terrifying heights.

Mine has always been that my teeth were falling out.

There’s plenty of reasons why this could be a nightmare – I’ve looked into the symbolism, but none of those seem to apply. I think it’s just because I’m super vain about mine.

I’m the kid who flossed every day, without fail (still do.) I’m the kid who brushed her teeth 3x a day (still do.) And I’m the kind of person who never misses a dentist appointment.

Even with all of those things, my teeth are super tight, and plaque is always a problem for me. I worry about my teeth staying bright and white. AND I worry, especially as I get older, about my gums.

So, when I got a chance to try out the cariPRO™ ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH, I jumped at it.

There are so many things I love about this toothbrush.


After using it twice, my teeth felt like I’d just been to the dentist. Literally. Like I said, my teeth, are really tight, and plaque forms quickly, in spite of all my efforts to prevent it. Especially on my lower front teeth. After only two uses, the plaque was gone. No joke.


It has five different options for level of clean:

  • clean
  • white
  • massage
  • gum care
  • sensitive

I’ve tried them all, but clean is my favorite. I seriously feel like I just left the dentist every time.


It has a super cool interval function. Each of the cleaning settings runs for 2 minutes. So, when you brush, you think of your mouth as being in four segments. You start on one, doing the front, back and gums – and in 30 seconds, it pauses, indicating that it’s time to move on to the next. At 2 minutes, it shuts off all by itself.

This is great, because I have no actual sense of time, and I may think I’ve been brushing for the appropriate amount of time, but it’s only actually been 30 seconds. (lol)

Long story short…I’m in love with everything about this toothbrush. My teeth feel cleaner. In just two weeks, they are whiter. And I almost feel like, why do I even need to go to the dentist (kidding Dr Aube…I’ll still be in every six months.)

You can grab one here. It’s worth it, definitely.

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