How do you grow your brand and make it bolder and stronger? The answer is with the latest brand-building software that helps you carry out top-notch market research that increases brand visibility and reputation. Nowadays, you don’t even need to buy external software and install it. With software as a service (SaaS), all you need is a web browser and a subscription service.  


Knowledge is power! And this is no more true than in the world of brand-building. In short, the more information you have about how your brand is performing and how customers are engaging with it, the better you can optimize it for performance and profits. 

Attest is the software you need if you want to bring accurate information about how your brand is performing in the market. Attest has access to 100 million customers across 49 markets; it can help you understand the impact of marketing campaigns and your place in the market.   

Brand 24

Social Media is a huge area in brand development! Today, many social media platforms can influence the growth and performance of your brand – it is no longer down to the big two or three. But how do you keep track of your brand’s presence on these websites? 

The answer is Brand 24. This software gives you immediate knowledge of when and where your brand name has been mentioned on social media. This information is highly useful. It allows you to zero in on suitable spaces for your brand and makes your marketing efforts more focused. 

Extensis Portfolio

Digital asset management is a term you need to know if you’re serious about growing your brand for the long term. Digital asset management refers to the process of organizing and optimizing your digital assets – including your brand – for better performance and resilience. 

It’s getting harder to build brands that last; the market is now saturated with startup brands everywhere, so you need to be innovative and bold to stand a chance. Extensis Portfolio helps you get a grip of your social media management and strengthens your brand identity online. 


Educators need brands as well, and this is clear with the rise in software available. The LanSchool Classic on-premise version is the latest education software solution from LanSchool with updated features to help you grow your education business today, don’t miss out! 

LanSchool is an innovative software platform that provides a digital classroom solution for educators. If you own a school or an education facility, LanSchool software allows you to interact with students in various locations opening up new communication possibilities.     


Building your brand online is about visibility and marketing strategy. Cision helps with both endeavours; it’s designed to help identify relevant influencers and distribute relevant stories to streamline your marketing efforts and achieve results faster – and it builds brand reputation.  

Cision uses data collection and smart reporting to feedback information about your brand from your marketing efforts. This software also gives you real-time access to social media mentions of your brand, allowing you to respond quickly and to focus your marketing efforts correctly.  


Online brands might look neat and uncomplicated but behind the scenes, it’s anything but that. To operate a brand successfully you need to have teams of people all pulling in the same direction. It’s important that all the content you produce on and offline aligns with the brand ID. 

Bynder software helps your brand hold everything together and maintain continuity at all times. With Bynder you can organize, distribute, and evolve all aspects of your brand so that all content and media aligns with your brand guidelines and build your reputation in the right way. 


Frontify is another example of software as a service. That means you only have to find the website and sign up for a paid subscription service to use the features, it also means there is no hardware to install and you can start using the service without delay. It is worth your attention. 

Trying to build an online brand requires marketing and careful brand strategies, that’s where Frontify comes in. Frontify is the only tool you need to organize and streamline your day-to-day branding and marketing efforts. This software is available for businesses of all sizes. 

Final Thoughts 

The world of branding is getting harder so don’t overlook software solutions to make your business more visible and profitable online. Think about your brand’s weak points and investigate the software that can strengthen those areas. Most solutions are SaaS these days.