Getting what you want out of life is, I think, what most of us want. We want to get our own way. We want people to do what we want.

But, wanting and getting are not the same thing…and getting what you want all the time, just isn’t feasible.

So, I’m doing a series of images on 75% and when it’s more than enough.

Like with Absinthe.

That stuff is so potent it’s considered a psychedelic drug – and in the early 20th century it was flat out banned in most Western countries.

Strong is an understatement. And it’s roughly 75% alcohol. (That’s not 75 proof. A spirit that is 75% alcohol is 150 proof.)

If you can get completely beyond drunk on the tiny amount of absinthe that people consume (AND they mix it with water!), can you even imagine what 100% would do to you? Can you even safely drink something that strong?

The point here is that 75% is more than enough.

And if you think about it, based on the way you treat people right now, you’re probably not even doing that well.

The things I talk about in Charm Your Way Through Life are things that most people don’t even think about. They don’t even realize they are doing them – and I feel fairly certain they would change if they did notice them.

Trust me, getting your way is easy – you just have to learn how.

(And the real secret is that it’s not really about getting your way all the time).