It’s inevitable.  Every time I talk to anyone about what I do, I get questions about how I do it.

How do I work from home, and keep myself motivated?  How do I make myself get out of bed every day and actually work?   How do you make sure you have enough to pay your bills?  Don’t you feel like your work isn’t stable enough?

Well, my first answer for those questions are – if you are asking me, you aren’t ready for at-home work.  The second one is you also haven’t found the thing you are supposed to be doing yet either.

I am a firm believer that stability is overrated.  Stability makes you soft, and lazy.  Stability makes you feel entitled, and dulls your senses.

If you are out there every day upping your game, and challenging yourself with every move – you have no choice but to be sharp and ready for anything.

I have no problem getting out of bed in the morning for work.  I’m freaking on fire for what I do.  I have trouble putting it down.  In fact, it isn’t work.  And it definitely isn’t a job.  It’s my business.  And that’s what I may start saying to the doubters… It’s my business – so mind yours.

Do you feel that fire for your business?  If you do, there’s no stopping you.  Let your biz evolve as you do, and just keep moving.  If you start feeling “stable” you’ll know you’re heading in the wrong direction.