There are so many components that comprise running a business. Whether it’s the marketing, dealing with employees, soft skills, and fending off the competition, the degree to which you have to deal with these issues solely depends on the industry you operate in. If you have considered starting a funeral business, you are not alone, but you are definitely in a minority. A funeral business is an incredibly challenging endeavor, this is why you should think about some of the following.

It Needs to Run More Precisely Than a Swiss Watch

Running a business comprises dealing with suppliers, and understanding your piece of the puzzle in relation to the consumers. When you are dealing with customers who are overcome with grief, it’s not fair for you to say that your business is going to be impacted because of supply chain problems. 

Items like church trucks, which are used to support the coffin, are something that is absolutely essential, there are funeral suppliers out there that can help with this, such as church trucks at places like, but the event itself needs to run to time, which is why all of the little components need to work together. You need to be incredibly organized, and not just for the sake of the business, but for the sake of delivering a funeral that exceeds expectations.

The Physical and Emotional Nature of the Job

It may not be surprising to state that it is one of the most intense roles anybody can undergo. On days when funeral directors are doing two funerals, you are, in essence, running the whole show, from moving flowers and caskets, to setting the stage and also dealing with the hospital. For example, if you are on call in the middle of the night because a hospital does not have the facility to keep the bodies overnight, this will eat into your sleep schedule. 

Naturally, there is also the role of picking up the bodies. The actuality of death is something that funeral directors and owners of funeral businesses must come to terms with pretty quickly, but the reality is that it is not always something that we can truly understand. There are a lot of deaths, understandably from nursing homes or people in hospices, but there is the other end of the spectrum, such as children. And it is one of those things that, no matter how many times you do it, you may not “get over it.”

Dealing With Angry Customers

The reality of the role is that you have to be adept at customer service, but you also must recognize that people are undergoing the grieving process. Therefore, they will take their anger out on you. Some people will get mad at everything, and they will pick at you because of the fact that a funeral can be so expensive. But in addition to this, they are mad at everything, including their own families. 

It is important to have solid customer service skills at this point, and there will be times when people overstep the mark, purely because they are grieving. You need to be courteous and professional at this point, but it can help you to embody some of the soft skills that give people a lot of support during this process. The link is a great place to begin so you can slowly become better at those little moments of support. It doesn’t help if you are cold and businesslike, and it means a lot to people that you are warm and, ultimately, human. They may be frustrated at you right now, but they come to regret it months or years down the line.

It is More Than Just a Job

Being in charge of a funeral business is about helping people through something. Everybody has undergone some form of grief, and being in charge of a funeral business can sound incredibly morbid, or morose, but the reality is that this type of role involves you helping someone through the grieving process. 

For many people, planning a funeral is a very cathartic experience. And you are providing a service that, at the end of the day, most people are incredibly thankful for. You are not just planning an event to celebrate someone’s life, but you are taking care of these people, and this is something that can make the role more than worthwhile, which is more fulfilling than a typical business.