The business of being in web design can sometimes be feast or famine kind of situation. Some months you have more work than you know what to do with…and others you have next to nothing.

This situation can wear on you after awhile. And after 8+ years, it can get downright old.

Every once in awhile, the roller coaster gets to me and I decide a real job might be better. So, I occasionally apply to various web design jobs. A few weeks ago I applied to one in a nearby city. I applied Monday, and by Tuesday they’d gotten back and wanted me to come over and chat. By Wednesday afternoon, I found myself in a super chill meeting with them.

One of the guys I was meeting with took the lead and grilled me over my background. I did not go to college for this gig, so he gives me a thorough inquisition.

Then he asks me if I lean towards the tech side or the design side.

Good question. I answer something along the lines of, “Definitely design, but I don’t hate the tech.”

His reply absolutely bowled me over, “I disagree. Not that your design isn’t great…but I think you like the communication.” He went on to explain that one of the main reasons he wanted to chat was because he wanted to see if my personality matched up with the way I wrote. Because just through my writing he felt like he knew me already – and that was a rare thing.

I’ve literally never met this guy before. The only thing he knows of me is what he’s read from my websites.

I sat there for a few seconds and could only reply, “I guess that’s a fairly accurate assessment.”

And the more I thought about…the more I realized that he was exactly, right-on-the-money, right.  I love making beautiful websites for my clients – but it’s not the design or the tech that I love.

It’s the story-telling. It’s taking this person (or people) and their business (or their whatever) and turning it into a living, breathing, online version of the real deal.

As such, I’ve decided to offer a new way to work with me.

I’m calling it Website Alchemy, because I take your whatever and turn it into gold. You can read more about it over here.