As someone who loves a well-designed product, I revel in little bits of detail that other people may not notice. A swirl here that points your eye to a key word, or slight kerning on a word that makes it stand out more – those are the things that bring a smile to my face.

Small, subtle cues that create importance. They work oh-so-well in print and in real life – but on the internet, not so much.

Why is that? Because people are in a hurry. You can’t be subtle when you have less than a minute to grab someone’s attention.

You can’t write long luxurious paragraphs, because when a person sees that big ole block of text, they skip it.

You can’t write too much on one topic – you have to break it up into multiple blog posts because no one will ever read anything that is too long.

We can all lament the degradation of our intellectual society – or we can just accept it and adjust our tactics.

Subtle does not work on the internet. You can’t wordsmith your way into people’s hearts anymore. You have to have a beautiful website that grabs them, pulls them in and makes them understand what you can offer them quickly and efficiently. Once they love you, you have more opportunities to work your magic.

We all know first impressions are lasting – make sure you website is well designed, free of subtle clues and straight to the point.

(Though, admittedly, I have hidden things in websites before just to see if people will ever find them…)