Most businesses try all manner of tricks to attract customers. They focus on pretty logos and a web design which is sure to catch the eye. Though these may seem like surface issues, they can be the difference between achieving a sale or not. Equally, the content on your ‘about me’ page could win people around. Your product probably comes last where your online customers are concerned. You can bet they’ll check out everything else before clicking on your shop itself. So, your website has a lot of work to do, and you need to make sure it achieves the goal of keeping customer interest.

One of the pages which can help you to do that is your ‘meet the team’ page. This is now a staple of most business websites, and it’s a fantastic way to build trust with customers if you get it right. That’s because it gives a face to your business, and helps people connect with you on a human level. At least, it does if you take your time over every aspect. But, how exactly do you create a ‘meet the team’ page which increases your chance of sales?

Capture personable headshots

Headshots of your team are sure to be the primary focus on this page. They’re the first thing people see, and they matter more than any information you include. Sadly, many companies make the mistake of going too ‘professional’ with shots like these. In a certain sense, you need to keep professionalism in mind. Making sure your employees are smartly dressed, for example, is a must. But, stern headshots aren’t going to win anyone around to your company. Instead, aim for more personable options where your team is smiling. It’s a small thing, but it makes a massive difference for building an initial connection with any customer.

Write descriptions which impress

Once your headshots have done the talking, you’ll need a brief bio for each team member. By making sure these descriptions impress, you can bring yourself closer to sales. In many ways, getting this right starts way back during your employment process. You need to make sure that you’re employing people with impressive credentials. You’ll want to ensure members of your marketing team have plenty of experience behind them. You may want to seek certified employees for your accounting team with help from something like this accounting and finance staffing firm. It also helps to employ front-of-house staff who’ve completed customer service courses. Get this right, and it’ll be easy enough to impress customers within little more than a sentence or two.

Provide individual contact information for everyone

Even if your ‘meet the team’ page impresses, you could still lose sales without individual contact information. That’s because you’re betting on personal connections here. If a customer can email the person they feel most connected to, they’re more liable to take their interest further. By comparison, a generic email could see them clicking off your page in no time, despite all your efforts.