YouTube is a wonderful platform for businesses to use. Every day, it sees billions of people watch videos from around the world. Naturally, you’d be a fool to ignore such a wide reach! A good YouTube video can go viral and rack up tens of thousands of views – sometimes, millions of people watch it again and again. 

Realistically, most of the viral videos on YouTube are silly. A business video is unlikely to go viral, but it can still rake in thousands of views and benefit your business. If you’re thinking about starting a channel on this platform – which you should – here’s how to make a fantastic business YouTube video: 

Pick a topic

What should your video be about? The topic is really important as it can determine how many views you get. Obviously, you should choose something that relates to your business and what you do. For instance, if you offer financial services, perhaps your video could relate to things like business funding, tax forms, etc. 

In the above example, it would be pretty strange to create a video on something like small business marketing ideas. Why? Because it’s got nothing to do with your business – the benefits you get from the video will be limited. 

Do some research: which topics are popular on YouTube already? Similarly, think about topics that aren’t covered, letting you provide some fresh new content. It’s okay to pump out a video that covers something someone else uploaded – if anything, there’s more chance of yours being clicked as it is newer and more updated. 

Take an educational approach

I always think that education is the best way to approach business YouTube videos. After all, you have to think about WHY you are posting content. 

Yes, one key benefit is that it raises brand awareness and gets your name out there. However, the key advantage is that you display knowledge and skills in the market. Excellent educational content will demonstrate that your business understands its sector better than anyone else. As a result, you could generate traffic and enquiries from the videos. People engage with your content, love what you’ve put out there, but want to get more help or advice. So, they click on your profile, find your website, and contact you. 

With that in mind, try to keep your videos educational. Break down topics, offer advice, and all other things like that. 

Focus on the production value

Once you have an idea in your mind, you can start shooting the video. Here, you need to focus on the production value. A video that looks like it was shot on a potato and includes a stumbling script will not perform well. 

As such, ensure you have the right equipment handy. Invest in a good camera that films you in high-definition and always keeps you in focus. Yes, it’s an added business expense, but it is worth the money. You should also either hire an editor or try to figure out how to edit videos. Always write a script too, so it looks more formal and doesn’t seem like you’re making stuff up as you go along. 

The final product should be a crisp and clean video that looks super professional, which encourages more people to click and watch it. You could also make it an animated video depending on what you’re explaining. These sorts of videos do really well on YouTube, particularly in the educational category. The only caveat is that you would need to pay an animator to make it happen, which could be quite expensive. 

Market your video

Your last task is marketing your video – which involves lots of different things. 

Initially, you need a good title for your vid. It should follow a clickbait format – this means it encourages people to click on the content. Draw them in by making it obvious what the video entails and why someone should click it. You also need to include keywords so your video is found by people searching for topics relating to it. There’s a good post here that explains how to create awesome clickbait titles that get results. 

Next, you need to know how to write YouTube video descriptions. Again, the descriptions help people find your videos as you use tags and keywords that let YouTube know where this video should appear. But, it also gives you a chance to write what’s in the video for anyone who wants a transcript. Plus, you can add links here to direct viewers to your website! 

A good thumbnail is also necessary for attracting attention, and then you should share your video across all of your social channels. 

After doing all of this, you’ve put together an excellent business YouTube video. Now, sit back and watch the views come in!