Bad habits: We all have them, and considering the word ‘bad’ in relation to them, they clearly aren’t very good for us. 

Now, you can probably list the bad habits that pertain to you in your personal life. Be it smoking, watching too much TV, or eating junk food, we are sure you can relate to something.

But what about those bad business habits you have? Many business owners are guilty of one or two (or possibly even more), and chances are, you are guilty of a few too. While some of these might impinge on your personal health and wellbeing, they might also be responsible for damaging the health of your business too. As a result, you might be limiting your chances of success!

Here are a few of the bad business habits that you need to be aware of. Can you relate to any of them?

1: Not taking any breaks

With a lot of work to do in the day, you might neglect your need to take a break. On an occasional level, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but if it becomes a habit? Well, you will get tired, your quality of work might suffer, and you might end up spending longer in the office putting things right or getting through your to-do list.

Our advice? Take those breaks, because you will then regain your energy levels, and you will consequently work more productively and to a better standard of quality. 

2. Not asking for help in your business

Be it because of pride, an unwillingness to show your weaknesses, or the inability to trust others; you might decide not to ask for help in your business. As a result, you might persevere alone, make mistakes in those tasks that you struggle with, and consequently, endanger the reputation of your business.

Our advice? Ask for help! If you have employees working for you, delegate your worst tasks to them. Alternatively, why not consider outsourcing? For those complicated tasks, such as anything related to your taxes and finances, you could hire an accountancy or bookkeeping service. Xero Bookkeepers are an excellent example. Consider your worst tasks then, and research those firms who could help you. You will benefit from the help, and your business will benefit too!

3. Over-promising to your customers

To win customers over to your side, you might make them all kinds of promises. You might tell them that your product is better than that offered by the competitors, for example. You might also promise them faster shipping and fairer deals than that offered by your rivals. And while some promises will be made with truthful intent, you might also bend the truth occasionally to attain new customers.

You can already see the problem here, we’re sure. If you over-promise on something that isn’t true or that is hard to achieve, then you are only going to get your customers backs up. So, rather than win new customers, the opposite will happen, as once word gets out about your failure to stick to your promises, people will avoid your business.

Our advice? Under-promise! This way, if you are able to exceed what you have offered, you will do more to impress your customers. And be truthful too. If you know you can’t live up to the promises you intend to make, don’t make them! After all, telling lies or half-truths is a terrible habit to get into. 

So, have you related to any of these bad business habits? Now is the time to eliminate them from your life if so, as the health of your business depends on it!