The Mozilla Manifesto says that the free software community is dedicated to advancing the goals of the Open Web. The following six apps certainly go a long way to achieving this…

Firefox – A flawless internet browser

If you have already heard of Mozilla then Firefox is likely to be the reason why. More people are choosing Firefox as their choice of a web browser. It is of little surprise either; not only does the interface look fantastic but it is a lot easier to use as well. A lot of people prefer this web browser because clutter is minimised. You can access menu options via the click of a mere button, rather than having tabs and icons situated all over the place as is the case with a lot of other browsers.

Thunderbird – The app that makes email easy

Thunderbird is a highly popular app because it is a free email solution. It presents you with an array of different features so that you can customise your email account to suit you. This ensures you organise everything efficiently and is thus extremely beneficial for individuals and businesses that use their email account on a non-stop basis.

Sunbird – Stay organised with this cross-platform calendar app

There has never been an easier and more effective way of managing your schedule than with the Mozilla Sunbird app. Not only is this calendar app extremely easy to use but it boasts an extensive array of features as well. It is also available for use on a vast selection of different operating systems, including; Mac, Windows, and Linux. Head to if you need assistance with getting your business more organised through tech.

Lightning – Email-related calendar tasks made easy as Sunbird and Thunderbird combine

Mozilla Lightning is an excellent extension which allows the Sunbird calendar to be used with the Thunderbird email app. Head to for more details. This means that you essentially get to combine your scheduled tasks with your email account. This can save businesses and individuals a lot of hassle when it comes to efficiency and ensuring tasks are carried out as quickly as possible.

SeaMonkey – Impressive all-in-one application suite

SeaMonkey is an all-in-one application suite that is constantly growing and developing. New features and improvements will never stop with this fantastic app. At present, you get to benefit from features such as; an internet browser, HTML editor, email and newsgroup client, web development tools, and IRC (Internet Relay Chat).  The app has recently been updated and now boasts a more contemporary look, add-on management, tabbed mail, feed support, a clever location bar, session restore, HTML5 features, and much, much more. The session restore is a particular favourite. There is nothing worse than having 20 tabs open only to accidentally close them or experience an unforeseen error!