If you work from your home office; you’ll understand the importance of your environment and how they can affect your thoughts and level of creativity and inspiration. Therefore, it might be time to spruce up your home office environment so that your blog posts and work will get a new lease of life. Considering how you utilize the space in the room and on your desk, and how you hope to feel when you’re in there, will help you decide on where to focus your efforts. The following are some tips and ideas for those who want a little inspiration to help them update a tired and lack lustre office, for a productivity boost this year.


Your Surrounding Environment

However big or small your office is; you’ll want to focus on your headspace and how easy it is to relax and work from home in the interior. Light hues and pale colours on the walls and ceiling will instantly freshen up an environment, so it might be worth getting your paint brush and rollers out to cover any old, tired, and dull areas of the room. Your main focal point will be your desk; if you write, blog, and work from home, this will be the area you look and use the most throughout your day. Therefore, you’ll need to ensure you have a surface with enough space and plenty of room for your computer, stationery, and a cup of coffee.

If you have a plethora of books, magazines, and accessories; work out some clever storage solutions and keep shelving, drawers, and cabinets a light as possible. Clean, smooth lines and calm colours on your bookcases and desk will allow you to store and display a variety of items without it looking untidy or cluttered, so bear that in mind if you’re heading online or to IKEA to go furniture shopping.


Your Tools And The Details

Now that the basis of your room is sorted out; you can focus on the design details and sentimental accessories that will bring your personality into the space (not to mention making it Instagram and Pinterest worthy). Family photos and your kid’s artwork are the perfect way to adorn the wall and are great for popping into frames beside your laptop on your desk. Details like vintage lamps and wall lights will make more characterful additions to the office, especially if you live in a period property. Have a little fun with details like lampshades, chair cushions, and rugs; these are the perfect chance to add a vibrant pattern and some bright hues to the room which isn’t as permanent as your paint choices. It’s always worth checking out sites like ProductExpert before you make any purchases so that you can make sure you’ve checked out all of your options first.

House plants will help to freshen a stuffy and dull space and will bring the outside into the room when you’re working. Flowers and foliage are also a great excuse to invest in some plant pots or window boxes; an extra chance to add colour, character and personal style to your interior. When it comes to your notebooks and stationery why not treat yourself to some items that match the theme of the room; this will help to tie the space together, and you’ll be ready to type feeling refreshed and inspired.


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