Since I’m not “classically” trained in this stuff, I don’t really know how other people do this stuff. I have friends who do this stuff, and we talk a little – but the way they do it isn’t the way I do it, so it is what it is.

When a new client and I start to work together, I first have them fill out a design form. It ask a bunch of weird questions, and while none are required, the more you fill out, the better.

Next, on to Pinterest. If you don’t do pinterest, we might not work out. I find it’s the perfect medium to compile an inspiration board for all things you. It doesn’t have to be website specific – in fact I’d prefer if it wasn’t. Anything that inspires, pin it.

After that, I get to work.

It usually takes anywhere from 10-12 days for me to get the first draft done. I do it, I sit and look at it. I walk away. I come back. Sometimes it’s faster, sometimes it’s not.

But when you get the draft, it will be a fully functioning website. No wireframes here. I build everything in WordPress with the theme Headway. Because it rocks. And the support is stellar. And the built-in SEO is killer. (I’m opinionated on this topic).

From there, we work on it in tandem until it’s the website of your dreams. I will do up to three new design versions, should the first fail to please – but that’s not something that usually comes up.

FYI – there are no refunds. We either work on it till you love it, or you forfeit the deposit.