I don’t know if you realize this or not – but who you are and how you show up is the real reason behind why people do or do not buy the stuff you are selling. Because, really, you are selling you.

Your product may be killer, but if you are an asshat, your product will not sell.

Take a look at Toms – Blake Mycoskie is a cool dude. I don’t know him personally, but after reading his book, blog and watching videos about him and by him, I feel like I do. And really, people are buying into him and his mission even more than they are buying into his products. Everything he touches is gold because people dig him.

I bought my first pair of Toms because I liked what he was up to. No other reason. And then I bought seven more pairs. And one for each of my kids.

Likewise, I skoff at “”Bobs” because not only are they a straight rip off in style and mission – but they have no one behind them that makes me want to be a part of what they are doing.

Same goes for you and your website. Your website is the digital version of you. And if it’s outdated or hard to navigate or lacks personality – those things all transfer to you.

If you are operating a business online you must have a current website that has been custom designed for you. No templates. No copycats. Just you + your personality in digital form.