Evidence-based marketing is the practice of using various types of data and information to create marketing campaigns. Using solid evidence to make marketing decisions helps to ensure better results, taking information about consumer behavior and other important metrics and using it to reach the right choices. Evidence-based marketing makes use of statistics, trends, research and more to ensure all marketing decisions come from an informed place.

One of the ways that any business can use valuable evidence to develop marketing campaigns is through the use of data analytics. Digital marketing allows us to collect important data on consumer behavior, from the things that they are searching for online to what they do once they land on a website. Data analytics makes it possible to extract insights and analysis from this raw data, which can then be used to make better decisions about your next marketing moves.

Evidence-based marketing removes the guesswork from marketing to your audience. This means that you avoid wasting time and money with marketing decisions that don’t actually help you to promote your brand. You can use the available evidence for techniques such as mapping customer journeys, creating buyer profiles and more, so that you have the tools that you need to create better marketing campaigns.

This approach to marketing is also a great way to find out how to fix smaller problems, which can still have a significant effect. Instead of focusing on big issues such as rebranding, you can observe how making small changes can produce the results you need.

Infographic Design By Emerson College Online – The Importance of Data Analytics in Marketing