My youngest son is going to be 10 in a few months. Which means that I’ve been running my own business for dangerously close to a decade.

Ten years. Wow.

If ten years ago at this very moment, when I was very, very pregnant, and chasing after the two kids I already had (they were 2 and 1, respectively) – I would never ever have guessed where I would be right at this very moment.

But that’s how life is right? For everyone. Whether you are an entrepreneur or not. Life changes. Things you never saw coming hit you like a ton of bricks. Things you were fired up about last year have no meaning for you this year. Or maybe that’s just me.

I have a tendency to start ten projects, but only one or two ever make it to fruition. Some people look at that and see a lot of failure – but what I see is a lot of learning.

With every project that doesn’t get finished, I look for reasons why. How could I have been so excited about that, and so sure that it was the thing to do, only to let it fall apart and not push through to the end?

And every time I really stop to figure out why I find that it’s because there was always some lesson I was supposed to learn from it. Or maybe it’s time just hadn’t come yet. Maybe in another few months, I’ll understand the issues even more clearly, and be able to not only expand but improve the original idea.

Many people would see the projects I’ve left lying about as dead weight. Or something that should be wiped away or hidden.

I see them as unfinished parts of me. Things I’m crazy passionate about. Things I am unwilling to not do.

And that is the inconstant life of an entrepreneur. We are not happy settling for security. We are not content to do the safe thing, because we see the safe thing as the sure way to squelch the spirit we have within us.

In centuries past, entrepreneurs were the bold explorers of the world. The people who couldn’t contain their spirit.

In this century, there is no brave new frontier to explore, so we create our own. The internet opens up possibilities that twenty years ago were impossible.

And thus, as crazy and unstable as the life of an entrepreneur can be – it is quite honestly, the only way for me.