The Madcap MissAdventures of a NarcolepticI’m loving it!  Thank you so much.  You took my crazy ideas and simplified them into something fun, elegant, and with the route 66 vintage twist.  FAB!

I can tell that this version is “it” so to speak because it has really excited me and shined new light on my dream.  I’ve had a tough year and was questioning my motives as well as my right to speak out.  Why me?  What makes me so special?  Why would anyone, in their right mind, listen to me?  Basically, everything about this website scares the living daylights out of me as well as excites me… and THAT is why I’m going to do it and do it well.  It will help people.  Plain and simple.  And will do so while challenging me and utilizing some of my greatest gifts.  Perfect. You rock!
I’m terribly impressed with how fabulous this looks.  You have a gift.

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