If you’re new to running a business, you might not realise just how many working days look the same. Day in and day out you’re doing the same things, making the same calls, filling out the same forms, and filing away the same data. And seeing as these tasks can get pretty annoying after a while, a lot of entrepreneurs can give up on doing them completely! 

However, while this is understandable, it’s a big mistake. After all, giving up on admin can lead to poor record keeping and a lack of resources for proper customer service, which can end up taking your business’ reputation in a matter of minutes. Don’t let it happen to you; prepare for the most annoying tasks using advice like this. 

Managing Your Inbox

Emails come and go all day long. Managing this flow can get very annoying very fast. You only want to hear about the important things; a customer comment or complaint, some interest from a potential investor, or a good review a happy client has just left you. What you don’t want to hear about is the spam coming in from other companies, or mailing lists your email has somehow made it onto… In this scenario, set up your inbox filters to be very strict. 


Keeping track of your cash flow, and writing down every detail of what you make and what you spend, is going to be frustrating more times than not. You need to hold onto every single receipt, every single invoice, and every single tax letter that comes out to you. 

Without them, you’re not going to have a comprehensive accounting record, and that’s going to make paying bills much harder! To simplify this task, we recommend outsourcing. If you’ve got a bookkeeping expert around to take care of things, you’ll never have to struggle to find the balance yourself.


Repricing the things you sell, whether it’s a service you want customers to subscribe to or a series of products from the same line, can be quite the annoying task. After all, if you sell your wares in more than one place, you’ve got to make sure all the different entries line up! 

It’s simple to change a few numbers on your own website, but it’s a time consuming task when you’ve got the whole web. Use a tool like an Amazon Repricer to get the work done for you; when the trends move, you can automate your own listings to move with them. 

Record Keeping

Different to bookkeeping, this is where you enter data into your system and do your best to keep it safe. A.k.a., one of the hardest jobs in the world! If you’re constantly connected to an internet source, there’s a chance of a hack. And if you’re not, that’s a lot more filing to do! So once again, you may wish to outsource, or at least automate these entries. 

Yes, running a business can be annoying!