Meeting with big-time clients or investors is the crux of what you do as a business owner. As such, it’s hardly surprising that you put a great deal of planning into the process.

While there’s no such thing as the ‘perfect’ meeting, most managers know that an early morning appointment tends to be the most productive time for sealing successful deals. This is when your team and theirs are at peak performance. By comparison, arranging fundamental meetings during the notorious afternoon slump can lead to much lower acceptance rates.

Sometimes, though, a client won’t be available to meet until mid-afternoon, and declining upfront would be madness. The solution? Putting the following pointers in place to guarantee that you’re able to seal deals during afternoon sessions, too. 

# 1 – Let your employees take a break beforehand

Employee peak performance is never so important as in a meeting like this. As such, you may fall foul to making them work through until that afternoon appointment. This is fatality number one. As studies are continually proving, breaks in the workplace are fundamental to everything from productivity to focus. If your employees have worked non-stop, they’ll experience burnout, decision fatigue, and even potential memory problems. Make sure that doesn’t happen by guaranteeing they take a decent break, preferably out of the office, at least an hour before the presentation is set to start. 

# 2 – Tackle the sun

The sun can become a real business nemesis where afternoon meetings are concerned. It’ill be at just the right place to stream through those office windows and send everyone sleepy. This is a problem considering that sleepy employees won’t exactly be on the ball as required, and dosing clients are never going to bite. Solutions here could be as easy as moving to a north-facing meeting room. If that’s not an option, something like sun-blocking windows or the installation of retractable awnings for shade may be necessary. These small steps can keep things cool, and help everyone focus on the matter at hand. 

# 3 – Pitch to the point

A pitch with clarity always matters but never more than when you’re pitching during an afternoon session. By this point, your clients are likely tired, and this may not even be their first meeting of the day. If you try to dress your pitch up or include a load of information that isn’t relevant, there’s a high chance they’re going to switch off. Perhaps the most essential key to getting afternoon meetings right is, therefore, to get to the point as soon as possible. The more concise, clear, and short your pitch manages to be, the more chance that even meeting-fatigued clients take enough interest to sign that contract.

Morning meetings are always going to be a preferable choice, but don’t freak out if an afternoon slot is the only one available. With these simple pointers to hand, you should find that you can wow the right people no matter the time of day.