I ❤ Designing Websites

But the multiple sites at once isn’t working with my current project load.

So, I’m going to try something new.

Introducing, the Two Week Website.

You are probably wondering how that’s feasible. Well, I’ll tell you.

(that last line is a movie quote and you get bonus points if you can name it.)


You have content ready to roll

I mean, completely edited, and ready to go. You send it, I deploy it.

Your pics are new + web-ready.

You have updated pics that aren’t selfies.

You choose a date + pay the deposit.

There are 5 start dates not spoken for. Choose one and pay the deposit.

So, you just pick a date + give me $, and then what?

Well, from there, you will get an on-boarding packet, with a link to my web design form, a video explaining how to create a Pinterest board and share it with me, and you will share your content + pics with me (via Google Drive or Dropbox).

I will get to work on the first day of your two week period, and by Thursday you will have the first draft of the website.

From there, you tell me what you love, what you don’t and we tweak until the website feels like the online version of you.

On the second Friday, we will launch the website and I will provide you with all deliverables + videos to show you how to manage the site.

You will also get a two week support window where I will be available to help with any issues that arise.

Nice Words

from my amazing clients

“I have worked with Amanda Krill – she was a joy and a total pro. Her work was top notch, she delivered on time, and gave me exactly what I wanted. I have worked with other people but I always end up going back to Amanda. She “gets me” and my brand. In fact, I’m never working with anyone else ever again.”

Theresa Reed

The Tarot Lady

“I waited so long to get help with both my websites because I couldn’t find the right person, so when someone suggested Amanda and she offered clarity, a great turnaround, and skillsets on WordPress and Squarespace, I was sold!

She overdelivered, totally upleveled my sites, and “got me” after just one quick phone call, and I will definitely use her again in the future.”

Laura Pennington Briggs


“I love that Amanda has the gift of making something so technical reflect our heart and soul. I won’t trust anyone else when it comes to my site.”

Gina Dennis

The Madcap Miss Adventures of a Narcoleptic

What are you waiting for?

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