If you have been working from the comfort of your home, you know that things are not always as comfortable as they can be. Undoubtedly, you have noticed a thing or two that needs an upgrade, repair, or change to increase workflow and productivity in your at-home workplace. Make those changes today so you can enjoy getting back to work. Keep reading for some things to consider in your space.  

Start Your Day With a Healthy Breakfast and Coffee

Getting your morning routine just right as a home-based entrepreneur is extremely important. It is very easy to simply dive straight into your tasks, but you need to set yourself up with a nutritious breakfast and delicious caffeinated beverage. As you don’t have the usual commute to work, you may miss out on a trip to your local coffee shop, so why not invest in a machine for your home? Each morning you can treat yourself to a freshly made cup of coffee that is made quickly and easily from the comfort of your own home. Don’t forget to include a coffee grinder brush too, which will help to clean up any crumbs and debris from your countertops. Getting into a good routine in the morning with your morning coffee and breakfast will set you up for a successful day ahead as you work from home.

Make Sure the Temperature is Pleasant

If you are too hot or too cold, it will prove difficult to focus on your work. Sweating and shedding clothing to stay cool will not look professional on a Zoom call with your co-workers or clients. Furthermore, if clients visit your home office, you want them to feel welcome and comfortable instead of drenched upon leaving.

If you are having issues with your air conditioner or heating unit, contact professional ac repair services right away to have the situation assessed. Fixing your HVAC system sooner rather than later may save you time and money by not letting a small problem worsen and cost you more than routine maintenance fees. 

To that end, ensure you are keeping up with semi-annual maintenance. In the weeks before the temperature changes from hot to cold and vice versa, schedule a standing routine appointment with a licensed ac repair service. Being proactive is always a good idea when you want to stay cool.

Set Work Hours

It may seem like common sense, but prioritizing clear working hours is not only a form of self-care but is likely to lead to greater efficiency and productivity. It is important to note that setting a line of demarcation between personal time and professional time while remaining in the same space will be important for your boss and colleagues to be made aware of too.

When the people you work with are aware that your work-from-home hours are to be respected just as if you were going into the office, they will respect your boundaries. To make the process consistently clear, set up your email and other accounts to automatically show that you are unavailable at specified hours. Set the accounts up to send out-of-office replies that include your work hours, just in case.

After putting in the time to inform everyone else about your work hours, remember to respect them yourself. It is all too easy to “just check one more” email or Slack message. Honor your time. Your work responsibilities will be there tomorrow.

Create an Effective Home Office

Making a home office that you feel like working in is essential. Even if your home office has to be in another room in your home, separate the space with a folding screen, if you are able. Separating work and home will make you feel a shift when you move between spaces.

Below is a video on common design mistakes and ways to correct them when creating your home office.

Working from home does not have to be a difficult endeavor. Make changes, repairs, and upgrades as needed to get your space in working condition for success. Schedule your work and personal time for productivity in both areas. Now all you need to do is get to work!