You spend much of your day in your office getting your work done and running your business. As your business grows, you can expect to be outgrowing the space you’re working in, which means that you have to consider upgrading your office space and moving where you can spread out a little more. People in your office are working with you and that means that they are going to become rather uncomfortable if the space is too small for them to work effectively

You should consider that you need an office space that you can grow with rather than one that will be claustrophobic and uncomfortable when you are trying to get things done. A good work environment is one that will keep your staff motivated and feeling productive, and if you don’t have a big enough space you need to get moving. You can move your business equipment into storage with the help of resources like the Portable Storage Box Company, but you should consider moving out and into a bigger space. If you needed any signs to tell you that your office space is just too small for your growing venture, here they are!

  1. Your employees are leaving in their droves. People don’t leave a job, they leave a bad working environment and a bad boss. If you are the kind of boss who isn’t willing to ensure that your employees are uncomfortable, your staff are going to leave you. People will quit their jobs for a myriad of reasons, but an uncomfortable working environment is one of them. If people are working on top of each other, they’re going to get upset and you can fix that! 
  2. You all feel cramped. It’s too hot, you’re bumping elbows, you’re dealing with unsafely stacked boxes of paperwork – it’s cramped, and no one wants to deal with it if they don’t have to. Your office, while not a place to kick back and relax, still needs to be somewhere people want to be. 
  3. You’re using your meeting spaces as working desks. You should be able to use the conference room for the reason it’s there: to meet and conference! You shouldn’t have to use these spaces as a way to work because you don’t have enough desks. If you are, it’s too small and you need a change. 
  4. You don’t have any storage. If your filing cabinets are overflowing and you are noticing that you are stacking boxes up by the desks because you no longer have the cupboard space for them, you need to think about moving to a bigger office. This makes your office look cluttered and dirty and that’s not going to help you with your clients. You need to make a good impression and ensure that you have a good working environment.

You might not have considered a move, but if your office space is too small, you should think about it in your future and make it something you do in the long term.