I’ve been in the online marketing universe for nearly twelve years now. And if there is one thing that I see make or break a business, it’s a website.

Usually, the biggest mistake is trying to copy one of the big names. Frank Kern, Ms. Forleo – it doesn’t matter who it is that you idolize – I’m going to clue you in on a little secret…you are not them.

I know you want to BE them. I know you think if you just copy what they are doing, you are guaranteed to achieve their level of success. But that’s just not how it works.

The good news, though? Whatever it is you want to do in the world, there are people who are going to love that. And they are going to love you. But only if they can find you, and you are showing up as YOU, not as a copy of someone else.

So, while you may have a gorgeous, super polished website, it still isn’t great because it is not a representation of the real you.

The great thing about the world we live in is that there are more than enough customers to go around, and if your website presents the real you, the people who are meant for you will find you. They will come in droves. And they will be so excited that they found you that they are just begging to throw money at you.

Where to begin?

Well, since this is exactly the kind of thing I’ve been doing for my clients for the last decade – I just happen to know the answer to that.

  1. Figure out who you are and what you are offering.
  2. Make a Pinterest board for inspiration. It doesn’t have to be website related. Just anything that touches your soul.
  3. Study the websites that you love and figure out what it is you love about them. But DO NOT copy them. You can borrow elements without pulling a straight copy.
  4. Think about signing up for a consult with someone like me who can help you analyze your website and develop a plan for improving your online presence.

What’s a consult consist of?

Well, I start by spending some time with your website, making notes on what I see right off the bat.

Next, a Skype session. You get 30 min to tell me all about your business and what you are trying to do in the world.

I’ll put together a written assessment of what I think you can improve plus a video that explains it all.

And finally, we do another Skype session so you can ask questions, get clarification.

Interested? Drop me a line and we can discuss!

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