I don’t know about you, but the website of any given business is a ginormous portion of whether or not I will do business with them.

Here’s an example:

My husband and I took our kids to Florida over Christmas break. For most of the break, we stayed near Bradenton in his parent’s house. We took a few days and headed down to Key West (which is one of my favorite places) – but we had to find a decently priced hotel to stay in. If you’ve been there, you understand that finding a decently priced NICE hotel on an island is not an easy thing.

I started with Expedia, because that’s an easy place to begin. It helped me narrow it down to a few places and get reviews of them. From there, I started checking out their websites.

To be honest, most of them sucked. None were chains, and as such, they are mostly maintained by the people who run them, I’m sure.

To many people things like this don’t matter – but for me, it was the kicker.

We ended up staying at Ibis Bay Resort. Not only is their website slick looking, but it’s super mobile ready too. (Though, honestly, the reservation process could be easier).

They may overstate the beauty of the bay they are on, but the hotel itself was great. Plus they have a free shuttle that stops in three key spots around the island.

Their website sold me.

And if you run a business online – especially if you only offer services that are available in the virtual realm – your website is the absolute key to whether people give you their money, or give it to someone else.

Remember, a key component of running your business website effectively is deciding what type of IT solution to use. Small businesses tend to go for SaaS these days, but you might also have a shadow it system in operation.

When I design a website, my whole goal is that if someone lands on your website, they instantly get you. Whether it’s the kind of thing where they instantly fall in love, or they know right away that they want someone else – either way is good.

Should a person be a good fit, they will know it immediately. And if they aren’t they will know that too. You don’t want to attract people who aren’t your people.

Stop attracting the wrong people by having a vanilla website. It might be worth doing a Squarespace vs Wix comparison to decide which is the best website building platform so that you can be your crazy mint chocolate chip self, so your people can find you quicker.

Your website also matters because it’s how people find you and it can dictate how easy your business is to find via search engine results pages too. By making use of affordable SEO services and understanding how they can be harnessed, you’ll be able to optimize your site and make it easier to find.