If you are starting to think about the branding of your business, and you are wondering how to approach it best, one of the main things that you are going to have to ask is: what makes a brand attractive to the general public? This is ultimately what you are going for, and it is all about ensuring that you are designing and putting forwards a brand image that people are going to relate to, and which they will think is a positive and well-meaning one. In this post, we will look at what makes a brand attractive, and how you can make sure yours fits in with these ideas.


In some way or another, you are going to need people to believe that you are being as honest as possible with your branding. People are extremely good at sniffing out the slightest dishonesty, and you will find that they often spot when a brand is not quite living up to the standard. So make sure that you don’t put yourself in the position of having to backtrack, or of looking like you are making stuff up. Instead, focus on building an honest brand that people will relate to.

Ultimately this means not telling any untruths, but also that the whole way you present your brand needs to be above-board too. If in doubt, check whether any of the claims you are making are dishonest. This includes not just specific claims but implicit ones, those which you are suggesting with the tone of voice of the brand. If you can keep it all honest and above-board, people are going to appreciate it, and the brand will do its job so much more effectively. Honesty really is the best policy in branding.


People want to know that the businesses they are supporting have some kind of integrity. In fact, this has become even more important in recent years, and the millennial culture in particular is all about ensuring that the world is being fair and right. If your brand is giving any vague sense of not having integrity, this is going to cause a problem. The only real exception to this is when you have a humorous brand which is purposefully acting in a way which is somewhat risque. That can work quite well, but it is rare and it has to be done in just the right way.

Generally, you need to adopt a show of integrity if you want people to respect your brand, so make sure that you are focused on this as best as you can be. What is integrity? Simply put, it’s doing the right thing for the most number of people, even if it’s hard. This means making a noise about the right social issues, acting in a responsible way, and saying the right things. If you can do that, people are going to respect the brand and the business so much more.


As we have already briefly seen, humour can sometimes work very well when you are presenting your brand to the world. There is something about the right kind of humour at the right time that simply cuts through a lot of other noise, and people are often going to respond to it very well. Usually they will even allow you to get away with other things which they would normally be against, if you can make them laugh enough. So if you are keen to try a slightly different tactic, going down the humorous route could be a great way to go.

This is now arguably easier than ever, what with social media very often being a place where brands go to be funny with each other. If you want to join in with this at this point, you are going to need to develop an extremely unique brand voice on the social media sites, so that you stand out in some way. A specific kind of humour is going to be vital here. You should consider hiring a professional comedian for these tasks at least at first, as that way you can be sure it is going to be funny. Using humour can often help you to get past people’s defences, so make sure that you are thinking about this.


This is somewhat related to the integrity above, but this one is specifically about your brand being aware of social and global issues of great importance. If you look at this coldly, you can even say that it is just an easy way to get some points, as long as you are making the right kinds of noises. So what are some of the issues that your brand should ideally show an awareness of? As well as anything that might be currently important in the present moment, there are also a range of topics that are always going to be necessary to focus on.

For instance, you should absolutely make sure that your business is working in as ecologically-friendly a way as possible. This is a branding issue, but you can only make the claims if you are actually following through with action, so you need to make sure that you are doing everything you can to be an environmentally caring business. That includes using only the most trusted Westbin Waste Management Services for your recycling needs, keeping your waste in general to a minimum, and doing your bit to reduce your carbon footprint.

If you are doing all that, you can then bring that across in your branding, and show that you have a real awareness of the biggest issue facing us today. This is bound to be an attractive prospect for many people, and you will find that it makes your brand so much more attractive to so many. This is easily one of the best things you can do for your branding, so make sure to include this in your future plans.


There is something about having an incredibly overwrought brand that often works against you. If, instead, you can make a point of keeping your brand as simple as possible, you will always find that this makes an enormous difference to the kinds of things that come across. In fact, you can have so much more of an impact with your branding if you actively work to keep it as simple as possible. Of course, as we all know, it is often the simple things that are the hardest to achieve, so the question here is: how can you actually work to keep your brand as simple as you could possibly get it?

What this comes down to is being able to define your brand’s qualities concisely. If you can’t do that, it means that you are probably trying to do too much with it in one go, and ultimately all that means is that you are going to struggle to make it simple. Instead, hone in on the major themes and designs that you want for your brand, and make a point of just sticking to that as best as you can. You are going to find that this leads to a less confusing, easier to digest brand for everyone involved.


There are few things more frustrating for the consumer than a brand that doesn’t have any self-awareness. For one thing, it means that people see straight through it, and this is going to make it harder to do some of the things you hope to do with a brand anyway. But a lack of self-awareness shows that you are struggling to really relate to real people, which is one of the quickest ways to turn people off your business. As such, you need to work on developing some self-awareness in the brand, but how do you do that?

This can tie in nicely to the humour idea above, or you can do it in a more serious way. Essentially it is about showing that you know what people generally think of you, and working to change that if it is bad, or enhancing it if it is good. If you know that people have a low opinion of your brand, you can simply jokingly point to that fact, and immediately they will start to come to your side again. Or if you know people are into your brand, you can turn up the arrogance just a notch, and in doing so you could bring about great things for the business not long after.

It’s a delicate act, but if you can get this one right you are going to find that it can make people come over to your side in a very powerful way, and in a way that makes them loyal to your cause for a long time. That’s a valuable thing to have on your side.

All of these qualities are worth imbuing in your brand, so make sure that you are doing everything you can to do so. It could be the best thing you have ever done for your business.