As a small business, stepping-up from being a one-person show to hiring your first employee is an exciting time. But if you have never hired anyone before, you may not have an idea about what you need to do or what is expected of you and the candidate. 

You can consider the days when you were in the interview seat, but this only tells half the story. You also need to consider the administrative demands. As you are doing this all by yourself, it means the responsibility falls one-hundred percent onto you. Don’t worry, though, because here are some tips on what to remember when hiring your first employee.

Background Checks 

Background checks can be an awkward thing to discuss, especially if you are only just hiring your first employee. Even if a candidate has no criminal history, they may still feel affronted by the idea that you think they do. It’s not a good start to any business relationship. 

However, background checks won’t just help put your mind at ease, but also the minds of your clients and customers. Furthermore, if the candidate does turn out to have a criminal record, this isn’t necessarily an indication not to hire them. You can consider the amount of time passed and the nature of the offense. You could end up giving them a chance that other employers have not. 

Fit to Work 

Aside from background checks, a pre employment medical is also a useful policy to have, primarily if the job can involve a lot of travel or heavy lifting. While you should discriminate against candidates who are not in Olympic athlete condition, you still want to ensure a decent level of fitness to cope with the demands of the job. 

This policy doesn’t only help the candidate, but also you, and in turn, your business. It helps to mitigate the risk of injuries and ensures they can do the job expected of them to the highest level. 

Make the Job Appealing

If there is one thing that small business owners can struggle with when hiring their first employee, it is making the job appealing. You must consider why someone would want to work for a business with no employees. What makes you stand out against more established companies that are also hiring? 

The candidate will undoubtedly ask you these questions in the interview when given a chance. You must be prepared for this by explaining your previous successes with the company, the reasons you need to hire your first employee, as well as your plans for the future. If this aligns with what they expect, you can be sure that the job will appeal to them, and it could be the start of something profitable for both of you.  

The First of Many

While this may be the first staff member you hire, it is unlikely to be your last, especially if you continue to find the success that has brought you to this point already. By correctly approaching your hiring process, you can guarantee that you hire the best person for the job every single time, and you will ensure your business empire grows.