Computers are part of everyday life now. Over the last thirty years, they have developed, and technology has grown more complex. The idea of developing the tech we have has always been to make it simpler, so the average person can use it in their home without needing a whole IT department. Unfortunately, what the people behind this technology don’t realise is – understanding how your computer works and what it means when it tells you something is wrong, is not easy at all! 

Computer and software designers probably sit down with coders and brainstorm all the ways they can make our life with computers nice and straightforward. However, have you ever tried to explain something you are really passionate about to one of your friends? Let’s take maths. For some mathematics is a simple process, working out equations is easy. They can see patterns and work out problems in minutes. Trying to explain a maths problem to a creative that doesn’t logically see issues can be almost impossible. Taking even the most simple equation and explaining it step by step, still leaves the creative confused and bewildered. To some people, maths is one of the dark arts, and they will never be able to master it. Computers are the same. It might seem simple, but in reality, when something goes wrong, no matter how hard we try, we can’t get our head around it. This leaves us frustrated, unproductive and pretty helpless! 

Error pages are incredibly confusing. You’re sitting at home trying to access a website or upload something onto your personal blog. You’ve done it a million times before, but this time a warning box comes up with an error code. You try the process again, the same issue. This time you pay more attention to what the error code is trying to tell you. Your computer is telling you something is wrong and wants you to fix it. Sometimes it’s a hardware issue; other times, it’s software; and sometimes, it’s your internet connection. ATT internet can help you reduce computer errors and mitigate disturbances to your work day.

In some cases, web designers have got creative with their error codes. The people who model these 404 pages are a great example. While they may bring a smile to our day, they don’t help us to understand what has gone wrong. In most cases with an error 404 code, you have made a small error in the web address. It is as simple as that. 

Another frustrating part of working with computers is when they freeze. The infamous rainbow of doom on Apple computers is a well-known antagonist to anyone trying to be productive. When your computer freezes, there are several issues you could be having; however, you might feel like you need a degree to work out what it is. 

Dealing with all the frustrations can bring you to tears, but you need to start thinking of your computer as a highly intelligent baby. Babies can’t tell you what is wrong with them using words. So they have other ways of alerting you to an issue. If you are a parent and your baby starts to cry, then you run through a checklist. Are they hungry? Could they need a diaper change? Maybe they are tired. You stay calm and run through your list until you find the issue. Then you solve it, often it is straightforward, and before you know it – baby is functioning the correct way again. Of course, sometimes, you might need to call your mum for advice. That’sThat’s ok, nothing wrong with asking an expert! 

Computers behave very much in this way. There are usually only a few things that could be wrong, and they are very simple to solve if you know where to start. For example, if the rainbow of doom shows up, then it’s a sign that you have asked your computer to process far too much at the same time. It needs time to think. So, look at what programs you have open, sometimes there is too much going on in the background, and that causes issues with simple tasks. If you can’t close the programs down, then look at performing a controlled force quit. This will make your computer stop what it is doing there and then. So it can refocus and work on the task in hand. 

It’s essential to remember that our computers are far more intelligent than we will ever be. They are also adept multitaskers. So if you get an error code, more often than not, the issue is with something you have done. As said, if you are receiving an Error 404, then it is likely that you have put in the wrong information and you need to step back, look for typos and start again. If you get really stuck, just use Google and your computer will tell you how to fix it! If only everything were so simple!