For many years, women have played a prominent role in the healthcare industry. Data suggests that upwards of 78 percent of the total healthcare workforce in the US is female. 

But there’s a problem: while the overall level of female participation is high, the number of women in top-flight executive positions is low. Only 11.2 percent of healthcare CEOs are women, and only 17.3 percent are COOs. 

Evidence collected to date, however, suggests that the performance of the industry as a whole would rise if there were more women in senior positions. Thus, companies could stand to gain a great deal if they can find competent women to take over the running of their enterprises. 

Data from a variety of sources mentioned in the infographic below add weight to this argument. In general, the more female representation that there is at the top of healthcare companies, the better they perform, both for patients and investors.

These findings are incredibly important for the future of our society. We need to develop tools today that allow us to administer healthcare efficiently to a rapidly aging population. New medical developments may keep costs from rising exponentially, but that is by no means guaranteed. Female leadership may be a critical tool, therefore, in the fight against healthcare sector bloat, driving the innovations the industry so desperately needs to keep costs down. 

Take a look at the infographic below. It delves into the reasons why having more female healthcare executives will help the economy and provides examples of women already proving that it can be done.  9th

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