There’s a lot of possibilities in this world, but it’s also true that there’s a lot of competition, too. If you’re going to get to where you want to go, you’ll need to do more than work hard: you’ll need to be better than the other people around you, and also present the very best version of yourself. While people are generally pretty good at this when it comes to the interview stage of the job application process, they’re not always as good at it when it comes to their web presence. Remember: most companies conduct internet background checks on their applicants. If they find something that may harm their company’s reputation, then they’ll be much less likely to offer you the position. 

This is why it’s especially important for job seekers to focus on their personal brand. Later on down the line, it can help cement your professionalism and expertise; but in the beginning, it can be the thing that simply gets you through the front door. There’s a long list of added benefits that focusing on your personal branding can bring to your career, too. 

However, perhaps the biggest motivation for focusing on your personal branding is that it’s something that CEOs care about. These are the people that can make or break your career, so it’s important that you get off on the right foot. In any case, they’re going to learn about you one way or another online — so you may as well ensure that it’s good stuff!

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