Your employees are the cogs that make your business machine work. Without a cohesive team, a cog can fail leading to inefficiency and monetary losses. You need to ensure that you can facilitate the optimum environment in which productivity is realized. When thinking about this, we can forget that our staff team are individuals and human beings. They have needs and wants and concerns like anyone else. It is up to you to help navigate your team through the complexities of their roles to boost motivation, morale and productivity. Take a look at why you need to value your employees to help your business thrive.


Without astute business communication, your staff can feel out of the loop and they become lost. This can lead to an aloof team that doesn’t engage with the ethos of your company, the business vision or their workload. They will feel disenfranchised and see their job as nothing more than making money. To increase productivity, you need to have regular meetings with your staff. A Monday morning briefing is crucial to ensure that your team are motivated from the very start of the week. Allow this to become a forum where you listen to your team’s ideas and ask for their views on new initiatives. On a Friday, send out an email detailing progress against targets, celebrating successes. Namecheck those workers who have gone the extra mile and achieved something noteworthy. Doing this boosts morale and makes your team feel valued.


You need to think beyond the salary that you can offer in the twenty first century. However, don’t formulate a benefits plan that is gimmicky such as free cinema tickets every week. Your staff want tangible benefits that will enhance their quality of life. Look at benefits plans that you can tap into that include free dental, medical care, and mental health support. These are real concerns among your staff and will feel valued if you invest in their pastoral well being. To help your business thrive, your staff need to feel a level of care. This respect will be repaid with hard work, effort and productivity.


You need to facilitate an environment where your staff can thrive. Poor quality hardware, sluggish WiFi, and a drab and boring environment can lead to disengagement from their roles. Instead, whip out the white paint, put up some local artwork, add touches of greenery, and invest in industry-specific software to make your team’s work more efficient and productive. You want your staff to feel motivated and excited to come into work every morning. Witnessing a sea of yawning faces because of excess downtime can be soul destroying for a boss. You need to provide the ergonomically well designed chairs to support your employees’ postures and give your staff the opportunity to thrive. Give your employees a chance to succeed and they will take it.

Follow this guide and value your employees. This will help your business machine accelerate at full speed to profitable success.

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