Whether you’re still just getting started with your business and trying to navigate things such as making a website for your small business or even still trying to prepare your social media channels, something you cannot forget is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social media that’s solely for professionals. This is a great platform for getting quality leads to sales, creating a customer-based, but LinkedIn is also fantastic for establishing a good reputation for you and your brand. 

While the idea of having to worry about creating an additional social media page may sound aggravating, there are plenty of benefits to it. So here’s why your business should have a LinkedIn company page.

It’s an additional place to share content

LinkedIn is a great place to create some shareable content. By producing good content that viewers will want to see, you’re also boosting your chances of getting others to engage and share your content. This cycle will only continue to grow.  So what type of content can even be made on LinkedIn? Well, there are a few such as slideshows, presentations, videos, webinars, infographics, blog posts, podcasts, and so much more. If you have something such as printables or eBooks then you can create a download link for your viewers.  It may not seem like much, but having that extra space to share value can massively help your business out.

You can show how you’re different from the rest

It’s always important to differentiate yourself from your competitors and when it comes to LinkedIn, there is simply no exception either.  When it comes to the LinkedIn company pages, you can use the company description on the page to tell how you’re different than the others. You can tell what you offer, what your values are, and so much more. This can include adding company news on changes that may occur, creating shareable information such as the mission, vision, and when you’re hiring.

But this is also going to be the best platform to tell your story. Why did you create your business? You want to give a very positive impression of your company while also remaining authentic and transparent, so why not give it a shot? Tell your story, and let the users get an impression of you and your business.

A great way to sell your services

Whether you are selling a product or service, having this platform will greatly help you out. You can personally reach out to people, and you can utilize LinkedIn ads from great agencies such as this one here  https://www.junto.so/services/linkedin-ads-agency, overall just know that you can indeed get new customers and clients through LinkedIn as there are multiple ways to advertise.

Can easily check on the competition

As a business owner, you’re going to have to check up on the competition to see how they’re doing. It’s a very smart strategy and you’re going to have all the information laid out for you right on LinkedIn. It’s easier to monitor industry changes, competition, and consumer behavior when you’re on LinkedIn. This can help you identify relevant trends and it gives you the opportunity to see where the hole in the market is.